Maintenance of Purity incase of Gold and Silver Coin has been always of priority for Chandrakant Jayantilal Jewellers. Duplicate coins of Big Brand are made illegally and sold in the market has lost confidence of customer and they feel cheated. Organization maintains vigilant approach for providing 999 purity of gold and silver coins.


Organization has been selling Astrological (Graha Ratna) Gemstones since 7 decades. This is a long time. Quality and Genuinity is maintained under all circumstances as people buy this at the time of need and during the time of problems. The pricing also is done in such a way that buyer is not over burdened. At the demand of time certification is offers on the request of buyer. Nicely crafted technically sound finger ring, locket and tabiz are made by organization for astrological stones. Mantra is offered free for worship based on different Graha Dosha.


Each piece of diamond jewellery is certified with 4 major Govt. Certified labs that is GIA, IGI, EGL, and GII. Solitaires are particularly certified by GIA. During last 2 decades organization has successded in making a mark in the heart of Odisha people and is a preferred destination for buying diamond jewellery.


Swarna Samrudhi

The scheme has been running since 2010 successfully where the customer pays a minimum amount of Rs.3000/- per month for 11 months and 12th month contribution is made by organization. This encourages a lower middle class and middle class family to buy particular jewellery without financial pressure within budget also. As an incentive a beautiful bag worth 400/- or any Amway product of same value. On completion of scheme Gold and Diamond Jewellery can be purchase within stipulated maximum time of 5 months.

Repair Services

In jewellery wear and tear is a common phenomena. Organization offers lazer soldering with which there is nil damage to finishing of the jewellery. In Studded and Kundan Jewellery were heat cannot be used, we provide the lezer usage. Most important is reasonable charges.


Attractive packaging always plays an important role in presentation. Organization never compromises packaging material to increase the importance of gift of love you present to your dear ones.